About Mas-wrestling

Mas-wrestling (мас, the Yakut. a stick, wrestling, English struggle) stick pulling, a national Yakut kind of sports. Its essence consists that two sportsmen, sitting against each other and planting the feet against a special emphasis, should pull out a stick from hands of the contender or draw it on the party.

Victory pledge in mas-wrestling to keep balance and to deduce from it the contender. For this purpose there is a movement by feet along an emphasis board (sportsmen name it «to run on a board»), work as the case and brushes of hands when a stick unscrew across and verticals (by rules only to 90 degrees). That the opponent sharp movement has not pulled out a stick in the first seconds, it is important to pull as much as possible to a judicial whistle hands. It is possible even to throw the contender on the party: for this purpose there is a reception when the sportsman, planting the feet against a board of an emphasis and raising the centre of weight of a body, creates additional рычаговое effort.

The physical exercises developed throughout centuries and competition of the radical people of Yakutia reliably remain and are widely applied in modern system of physical training, the people very much make thrifty use of them, as they develop force and dexterity, speed of thinking, so necessary for a life in difficult conditions of the Russian climate.